SKIM is an eliminator of superficial oil, suitable to be used on every kind of tank, thanks to its shape and design. Skim is available in two versions: disc (Skim D) or belt (Skim N). This last version is suitable, thanks to its installation dimensions, in situations of reduced space and when the tank is not at full capacity. Skim preserves the quality of coolants and eliminates unpleasant odours caused by anaerobic flora bacteria, which would otherwise be generated.

As it is already well known, the emulsions used in mechanical machining process and liquids used in washing machines, it allows an accumulation of light products which do not mix with water on the surface. This veil, which can reach considerable sizes, from 0,1 to 2 mm, creates a barrier and prevents air from entering into contact with the emulsion. This allows the formation of anaerobic flora bacteria, which are the main causes of the decay and the putrefaction of emulsions. It is therefore imperative to remove from the liquid surface that veil of oil and those superficial polluting agents that induce the decay. Due to its great supply of accessories Skim can be mounted either on the tank edge, on the cover, encased or on an internal structure. The extreme simple construction limits the maintenance. The wearing control of scrapers and the periodical cleaning of waste discharging off allows the system in perfect working conditions.

Working principles

  • The disc/belt is immersed into the liquid. Thanks to rotation the polluting agents stick to its surface and are dragged out.
  • During rotation the disc/belt meets two scrapers fitted with a rubber rim which remove the film of polluting agents stuck to it and transport it outside by means of exit ducts.
  • Skim can be equipped with an electrical control board with the possibility of setting up a temporized working cycle.